Sat-sangatve nissangattvam, nissangatve nirmohatvam, nirmohatve niscala-tattvam, nishcala-tattve jivanmuktih, bhaja govindam bhaja govindam, bhaja govindam mudha-mate.

—from Carpatapanjarika


Good and virtuous company gives rise to non-attachment. From non-attachment comes freedom of delusion. With freedom from delusion, one feels the changeless reality. Experiencing that changeless reality, one attains liberation in this life. I-AM is the ocean of awareness. Realizing this, one feels, “I am not the body and mind, although I have a body and mind.” Realize Govinda, realize Govinda, realize Govinda in your heart, O wise one!

—Translation by Shri Brahamananda Sarasvati


Much of our time is spent in a virtual world of computers, phones and many other automated transactions. We are always choosing how to spend our time, which shapes our lives. The power of coming together, of sharing ideas, insights and practicing asana lends one to become more receptive. As we undertake this journey, we may do so together and thus together we come to realize the vastness of our existence.

—Jules Febre



Feb. 10–17, 2019
Near Lake Aititlán, Guatemala
Doron Yoga and Zen Center


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Jules Febre was born and raised in a section of New York City known as the Lower East Side. At the age of 13, Jules spent three months in India; two of which were spent in Mysore studying Ashtanga Yoga with Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois. During that time he was invited to share satsang with Swami Nirmalananda and Shyam Das, two radical yogis that have each contributed greatly to the progression of yoga in the West. At the age of 16 Jules began working at the Jivamukti Yoga School helping to clean, and is now considered one of the leading teachers of the Jivamukti Yoga method, teaching the method world wide as well as facilitating at the very highly regarded teacher training programs.

Jules travels and teaches for a major part of each year, including Europe, Australia, Asia, and more. His classes offer a wide range and depth of understanding of Yoga Asana as well as Meditation, Chanting, and Yoga Philosophy. 

Teaching yoga is Jules’ passion. He is grateful to his teachers, Sharonji (Gannon), Davidji (Life) who he has had the privilege of studying with for over 15 years, for igniting his devotion to the Jivamukti Yoga practice and for inspiring countless students around the world. 



"With blessings and gratitude we have you." —Debra Skyler

"Now I see what happens when you open your heart. 
Thank you Jules." 
—Tomo Okabe

"Everything we do affects so many others. The thing we think of as our little human life ripples out and touches in some way every other being in creation like an act of the Divine...which it is. Everything you do, say, and even think matters. Be kind. Be compassionate. Work for the happiness of all beings. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. Thanks and love to my sensei, Jules-ji. What a gift you are in my life." —Logan Taylor

"Jules on his Korea Tour 2013, has given us a great experience. Jules, thank you!" —Sieun Lee

"Jules Febre is worth getting up early on a Sunday and trudging through the cold and slush while fighting a losing battle with a cold. Yes, that good!" —Anna Dee

"Happy birthday to the one who not only makes me want to be better, but is willing to teach me how." —Mary Glackmeyer

"Jules Febre teachings perfectly combine devotion, yogic philosophy and challenging asana in way that is accessible to all. I truly feel nurtured, connected, playful and alive in his presence." —Laura Rothstein

"I am grateful for all that you are and all that you give." —Buddhathedog Albucher

"Early on during our Teacher Training Program, you dropped a seed about mastering time. I readily picked it up and had this western notion that I might become hyper efficient. Instead, the practice is allowing me to be more conscious of my choices, resulting in the creation of more space, more time." —Julie Rea

"Thank you Jules-ji for teaching, for inspiring, and for making it so accessible." —Ximena Milagros Savitch

"To my wonderful inspiring kick arse mentor! Much love from London; blessed that you have touched and continue to be a presence in my life and see you in February - can't wait!" —Salema Veliuposted

"Jules Febre, you lit us up in Hip Hop Asana in the Lower 9th ward of New Orleans (Arabi) in seva offering at Swan River Community Center. Even one holy being, when touched, will affect this entire neighborhood that was at one point destroyed and now imbibed in hope (shraddha). With appreciation, we honor you too dear Jiva brother. Thank you." —Swan Michele

"Thanks for helping me be a kinder and happier person today. 
I loved class!" 
—Heather Chalfant Maher

"So fun to meet you and be introduced to Hip Hop Yoga. As a former social worker, I appreciate your desire to contribution to the well-being of an undeserved population and what a fun way to do it! Look forward to a future HHA class and I was not sore after you assisted (tricked) me into a deeper asana." —Susan Hudgens

"Jules Febre's teachings perfectly combine devotion, yogic philosophy and challenging asana in a way that is accessible to all. I truly feel nurtured, connected, playful and alive in his presence." —Laura Campbell Rothstein

"Jules' workshop facilitation skills and subject-matter expertise where frequently dazzling and the stuff expected from wise people twice his age. He shared relevant, humorous, and really meaningful personal examples while staying very much on topic. Not once did he appear to be "showing off" in physical demonstrations or technicalities of philosophy. Jules' balance of fun and reverence were elegant and invaluable. When I think of Jivamukti, I will forever think of Jules." —Sarah Meyer

"Thanks for your teachings today and for helping me learn and understand why. You're a genius at your craft!" —Alexandra Voukitchevitch

"Jules Febre, a wonderful teacher at Jivamukti, NYC. His classes are filled with humor, wisdom and vision." —Govinda Kai

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